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Growing up, I always had a passion for photography, dance, and all things art.  Around the age of 10, my grandfather started teaching me about cameras and the technical side of photography. Sadly, he passed in 2011 but I never stopped learning. Although dance consumed most of my time, photography was always on my mind. Throughout high school, I entered various photo competitions and I often gifted prints to my family members on holidays. 


Because of my deep-rooted desire to work in an art-related field, I moved to NYC after high school to find out what trajectory I would take in life. After spending a year there, I realized that the city lifestyle didn't align with the goals that I had for my future. I picked up and moved back to NC and six months later I found myself at Appalachian State University, studying commercial photography. I immediately kickstarted my business and began photographing a variety of things for clients. I had incredible opportunities that pulled me into weddings and it didn't take long for me to fall in love with photographing love stories. 

I put all of my spare time outside of college and my part-time job into my business, shadowed other photographers, second-shot dozens of weddings, and started booking weddings of my own. Along the way, I met my husband. He is such a blessing and he is now working alongside me at AFP. We have a dog named Lucy and we are expecting our first baby! 

Many people ask me why "productions" and not "photography." To be honest, when I started my business, I had intentions of offering photo and video coverage. As things took off, I recognized that I had a yearning to produce stills. My husband and I considered a rebrand to include my married name and "photography," but after a lot of thought, I realized that wedding coverage is a production. It's not just about the photos. It is about the before, the after, and the in-between... just like each love story.


Merrian Webster defines production as:

a: something producedPRODUCT

     b(1): a literary or artistic work


We love working with people and capturing the most important moments of their lives. This career is so fulfilling and I would never take it for granted. Photojournalistic wedding photography tells your story and I would love the pleasure of illustrating that with images.

Keep scrolling to read more about my style and approach. 

Hi, I am Ashley Foreman Logan


My Style

timeless, artistic, classic, refined, organic

Photography has been a part of my family for four generations. My great-grandfather was a photographer and creative. He photographed the Olympics and a few "D-List" celebrities during his peak. He passed that along to my grandfather, and my grandfather shared it with me. I think that is why I am inspired by timeless edits, images that feel like they were taken on film, and natural light. 

I avoid current trends in editing and posing and aim to capture candid moments. Although posing is something that is often necessary, I do my best to share prompts that allow for genuine smiles, laughter, and intimacy. During weddings, I like to take the photojournalistic approach. 

"Photojournalism is the process of storytelling using the medium of photography as your main storytelling device. While a journalist will use their pen and paper to tell stories, a photojournalist will use their camera to capture the visual representation of a story."


As things happen, I will be there. Aside from things like wedding parties, family, and couples photos that are often "posed," I like to be a fly on the wall. There are always exceptions, for example, you may have excessive clutter behind you or a bobby pin out of place. In instances like that, I use my discretion on when to intervene. 

If you are hoping to get an idea of how I work, please be sure to check out my galleries and the testimonials that are listed on the home page. 

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